Puppet Politicians

Photo by David Skyrius on Pexels.com

By Stephan Pisko

The underlying meaning that my particular statement is suggesting is it gives these social media “mouth pieces” audience ears’ their not doing this for free they are getting paid to “mean mouth” that’s their job just like the politician’s job on the elites’s payroll a total “script reader” puppet politics given a “set written directive” to carry out every day and they do it or else they would not be in that position of power if they don’t do “their job” they have another “puppet politician” in the wings waiting. Shake the mass population up with frustration and fear building this you see worldwide a world of chaos is just around the corner it will be a “totally different system” with NO middle switch just “rich & poor” night and day much easier to control the 7.8 billion mass menagerie. The elites have been setting this up for years this is not a “new invention” very calculated if you understand what your exactly looking at most do not understand. It is very simple to comprehend this is not “rocket science” observe and learn this planet’s so called industrialized cell countries’ are all transforming into a “new system” the problem is the human mind doesn’t like “change” especially “unknown change” with the invisible scales’ tilting the “richer way”. Politicians’ will remain in power until the trillions and trillions of big bucks says they are finished democracy has never existed nor could it even exist impossible it’s ludicrous even to “think about democracy existing” here. The “media” is custom designed to portray the “Euro-side” custom designed to portray the “Ameri-side” and so on that is what the trillions and trillions of bucks can control everything you see and hear then mind sucks it up with billions’ all perceiving “different pictures” a real consorted affair.

Quite true but these other “puppet politicians” in Euro cell countries’ are not “officially authorized” by the elites you can outwardly see if you “understand what your looking at” this blatantly bastardized brash monetary that backs this ugly mirrored reflection of mass population what this “man” is scripted to perform is definitely a “game changer” a new system soon to be in all industrialized cell countries’.

If look beyond to “what actually is” cut through “what actually is not” what most human beings’ are indeed looking “at” then this is definitely revealed …. I could see this for the UK couple of years ago the most visible member of the elites (the Queen) unfortunately wants the UK put back to the 10th century when the (rich & poor) knew their place with no “middle class”. In your lifetime you will see a great change it will be a much different world when you reach your Mom’s and even our ages’. Be positive and brace yourself get a “piece of land” somewhere while you still can actually “own it”. This won’t happen overnight but it is coming all the “telltale signs” point to it within this physical place but never worry too much the “unseen” is looking down on all of this “greedy mess” that the human condition has created to torture other humans’ with they “all” will have to “pay a price” only not with the monetary something way more valuable I will leave you with that.

Monetary controls squeezes out the non-monetary this is happening within the major industrialized cell countries’ on this planet all the rest of the countries’ that are not “industrialized” will either stay exactly the same and/or squeezed so tightly nobody will be able to survive this more and more will be the future but there is always a “positive side” to darkness that is why there exists “light is uplifting” and “darkness is subduing’.