Iconic Unknown – Where Does Human Energy Go

By Stephan Pisko

The “iconic unknown” shrouds the mystery of ‘where does our energy go when it departs the physical manifestation? Rationally thinking says it must go somewhere beyond possibly to a parallel dimension I believe the human mind will figure out this perplexing conundrum rendering religion ridiculous controlling corruption. Religion is organized deception of the highest order in the name of ‘human hope’ that takes advantage of it’s formidable fools gold beliefs – a carnival of capers – that are meaningless and empty like Fort Knox. Scientists’ – physicists’ – metaphysicians – philosophers’ – psychologists’ must bridge together with brainstorming boldness to investigate the path of where our lucid spirit energy travels to when it efficiently evaporates human mass with an equal quandry as well – ‘Where does this meandering mist originate from?

Woman gives ‘birth to the form’ but does not give ‘birth to the energy that makes the form function’. This all knowing transparent locale this energy warehouse is unexplainable with GPS precision pinpointed radar detection to know where and when a birthing is taking place within our physical space so that an appropriate energy can be dispatched to a human body this is truly a transcendental super system. This knowing is knowable if we dip into the ‘great knowing’ we possess the physical tools to chart a path which I believe will lead to the greatest useful human discovery since the Buddha and may free all sentient beings’ from the unscrupulous shackles of religious lies enabling a clear pure shining light rather than a screen of smoke burning the eyes into a circle of endless belligerent iconic beliefs.

When you ‘know a human being’ you know ‘the energy’ not ‘their body’ the body is only an expressive outward vehicle medium while the inward houses the honest truthful essence. Within every outward deceptive action contains an equal honest inward truthful substance deception is a survival mechanism adopted by the mind unconsciously towards a subconscious end to sway away from truth.