Iconic Unknown – Where Does Human Energy Go

By Stephan Pisko The “iconic unknown” shrouds the mystery of ‘where does our energy go when it departs the physical manifestation? Rationally thinking says it must go somewhere beyond possibly to a parallel dimension I believe the human mind will figure out this perplexing conundrum rendering religion ridiculous controlling corruption. Religion is organized deception of the highest order in the name of ‘human hope’ that … Continue reading Iconic Unknown – Where Does Human Energy Go

Losing Their Inner World

  By  Stephan Pisko Human beings’ are losing their “inner world ionosphere” to an “outer oxidation” via an electronic transfer of intellect a “redox reaction” oxidizing reducing agents’ subliminally working side by side achieving electron equivalency. Our quantum inner world where electrons’ are strange in exactly the same way but identical to every other electron same mass same energy charge. Continue reading Losing Their Inner World

Unexplainable Energy Force

By Stephan Pisko This energy force that gives a living movement to every physical being, plant, tree, animal, water, etc. is outside of time and space therefore this is what gave a tremendous thrust to the supernova matter that started the initial big bang and there were many big bangs’ rational logic emits that there was a succession of variating monstrous cosmic atomic explosions and … Continue reading Unexplainable Energy Force

How About A Conversation About Energy Cleansing

By: Jannie Vaught Smudging , Clearing negative energy Limpias are some of the names this is called. But the intention is all the same. Clear the stuffy negative feeling out to the great beyond so it can compost. Yes all of the energy’s have a cycle in nature. When I am in my garden I never feel the need to clear this space. Well the truth … Continue reading How About A Conversation About Energy Cleansing