Unexplainable Energy Force

By Stephan Pisko

This energy force that gives a living movement to every physical being, plant, tree, animal, water, etc. is outside of time and space therefore this is what gave a tremendous thrust to the supernova matter that started the initial big bang and there were many big bangs’ rational logic emits that there was a succession of variating monstrous cosmic atomic explosions and we have no way of accurately measuring time intervals regardless of what physicists’ and scientists’ inform us it was all created in under a second of time. This particular time ratio is beyond human comprehension it defies our physics because the original force of it all was ‘outside of space & time’ which is unlimited. The human mind and human energy are portals to this unexplainable energy force that is how our energy came into this existence via these energy portals’.

Human beings’ that have so called ‘special powers’ examples: ESP (or) ultra sensative awareness factors of knowing something that will take place a sixth sense have all warped this unexplainable energy force in another dimension when the energy passed through on route to a physical body at birth they were all charged with a different type of energy field unlike normal energy realms. These powers’ are not passable from one body to another you do not inherit this in genes how the selection process works even if there is such a thing we will not know at least not here in this existence it is unexplainable from the source of origination. I think it is basically created as a hint to subtlety inform us that there is an energy pathway from the physical body to this unexplainable energy force even the Egyptian pyramid drawings’ graphed this energy concept visually.

 It all makes simple logical sense but once again the mind complicates the issues as it is concerned primarily with the concrete therefore being limited this is why we have ‘imagination’ that we rent from time to time to free the mind of concrete systematic thought.