Cooking Healthy With The AirGo

The AirGo Cooker

In a time when eating healthy has become all the rage and we hear that  we have to do more to achieve and maintain health,  it is has certainly become hard to do so when one is busy with work, family, and every day errands. More and more people are returning to home base cooking and one of the front runners that is promoting this is the AirGo

The AirGo is a multi functional cooker that allows someone to cook healthier and great tasting food. You can create anything from Lamb chops to Buffalo kebabs. It cooks perfectly every time. It also has built-in safety  features to prevent it from overheating and keep the food from being overcooked which is a wonderful bonus. The AirGo has a non-sticking cooking pan which makes it very easy to clean and maintain.

Here is more information about the AirGo:

The AirGO is an easy-to-use kitchen tool that combines 5 different cooking functions into one simple appliance for your convenience. You will be able to make many of your favorite recipes fast and easy with just few presses of buttons. AirGO can be used as

•Air Fryer* (with or without Air fryer basket)


•Crepe/Naan Maker

•Mini Oven

•Robotic Stir Fryer

•Broil (top or bottom heating)

AirGO has two ways to air fry food: with or without Air fryer basket. When using without Air fryer basket:

•it is a lot efficient if you air fry directly in the AirGO cooking pan.

•AirGO cooking pan has a large room for you to AirFry.

•You can directly add the liquid sauce into air-fried food to add more flavors.

•It is convenient if you lay parchment paper in cooking pan for AirFry function. 

Once the cooking is finished you can throw away the parchment paper, no need to wash the cooking pan.

•AirGO air fry function can easily be combined with stir fry function.

with Air Fryer basket: It is more like regular Air Fryer, and it may add more texture and flavor to sugar or honey marinated chicken wings.

The airport is a amazing versatile kitchen appliance that allows you different ways to cook such as broil grill bake and stir fry. This is truly an amazing multipurpose cooker that should be in everyone’s kitchen appliance arsenal.

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