Another Great Day In The Garden

By Jannie Vaught

After the devastating storms, the cleanup and restorative care have begun. 

We as gardeners lost gardens, trees and a full seasons work. But nature is resilient and through the cleanup, there were survivors. Plumbs that stayed on the trees, corn that was still good even though it was blown over and yes, tomatoes hiding inside the tristed branches!

 I am a Permaculture designer and have installed their techniques into my existing garden and homestead and even though the hail and winds were fierce the design held. I kept the rain in my soils, I harvested rainwater in barrels from the roof. The plants even though they were heavily damaged by the wind and hail are responding and are standing back up. Not as pretty as before but they are standing. I did a heavy “Chop and Drop” through the garden and food forest. A technique, where you chop it down and leave it, lay to return to the soil. Some went into the compost piles and a layer went in rows around the outside of the fruit and flowering trees and next is a good feeding of compost tea. The feeding was due anyway as the heat has been draining on their production. I also have some branches down and lots of green leaves and twigs. These will soon be compost also and the big limbs will be future firewood after it dries and cures for those cold evenings when a toasty fire feels like home. It is really in how you look at experiences, you can see the glass empty or the glass full. Although we have the shock of the event and the crushing devastation, we have our feelings then we put our boots on and go to work. 

Because that’s what we are. 

We Grow! 

Yesterday we repaired irrigation lines, again I trimmed my Market Flowers, made beautiful bouquets for my house and got busy planning and collecting the seeds for the restoration planting. What’s going in Sweet corn in July, and planning on some collard greens after the heat lets up. A fall cover crop of red clover and a lot of work and more lessons learned on how to keep growing in abundance. I picked cucumber and although they had marks from the wind they are a little weird shaped they are tasty and still growing and flowering. The seed lettuce is ready to be cut and dried and the chicory plants are trying to finish so there are seeds also. Sometimes you just have to stop, pay attention and look at the wonder of nature. For this gardener Its a Great day in the garden! And the Gratitude that no animals were injured, the solar panels are intact and nature is my friend as we work together in facing all the challenges that come my way. 

I am growing green and I hope you are rebounding in abundance. Jannie