The Dismemberment of The Great United States of America

By Stephan Pisko

Okay here lies an individual in public office who owes like a half billion dollars as: “Pressy of the Great United States of America” the question everyone should pose is: “How does a person like this do it?”. The answer is: “There absolutely logically must be something going on invisibly behind the scenes’ that support this massive debt to actually secure this individual within that highly visible public space (something and/or someone) wants this person located at that point”. As long as Donny T remains within that Whitey House he is protected in many ways both “publically & personally” now when he vacates that selected space “realistic personal circumstances” are inevitably going to mass manifest where a great many populace members’ will want to gain a piece of this “darker force” that has physically brutally displaced verbally nonsensically traumitized a large number of human beings’ each of these segment constituents’ will seek a “Dismemberment of Donny Trump” I’ll take a limb- Oh I will take an arm- No I’ll take the head for this is the “public prize” the image that houses the infected encephalon of tragically tyrant enraged mentality that possesses “no touch of actual reality” whatever “it is” that is “out of touch” I am surely certain no one person wants to know.

The wealthy unaccountable stealth bastard barons’ that run this “polygraphic planet” are playing all for fools they are in created control of this “mongoloid monster” that still has more of thier directive duties’ to perform subduing torturing and eradicating mass population in ways that poise absolutely no seen tracks by these illuminated ones’ (or so they mystically spiritually imagine in their demented minds!).

Please keep in thought Donny Trump is still going to receive “public protection” until the day his bodily mass has disintegrated from this dimension complements of it’s American citizens’.