Climate Change – Greta Thunberg

By Stephan Pisko

Climate change is the “kamikaze plane” going down that nobody wants to do anything about because certain select uber rich human beings’ just don’t care about any human being and/or are relocating to another planet anyways plus it’s a great way to get rid of the mass earthed population and start over with a master race of humans’ just like old Hitler wanted to do greed definitely assisted this setup “climate change based kamikaze mission” from way back to the late 1950’s with all of these corporate conglomerates’ being allowed to contaminate the earth – air – water- and last but not least human beings’ within the food chain.

Don’t parents’ in Sweden teach their children anything about the “actual facts’ of this globe?” they should before their uninformed children go out on the “world’s stage” and make a complete “asinine adolescent asses” of themselves’ because they do not understand what their young eyes’ are perceiving. Sweden is supposedly such a progressive country you would think they actually understand what this planet dirt ball is really all about right? Becoming a “world cry baby spectacle” to governments’ all indirectly/directly run by these uber super wealthy who don’t care about “any life” human and/or otherwise let alone this “climate change kamikaze plane” isn’t the answer. Her parents’ obviously are not “informed within the actuality of what is” only “informed within the deception of what is not” perceiving the actual truth of our supremely organized and controlled fading human race this planet will survive but we as human beings’ will not.

The first question minds’ must ask is: “What does her mind really want out of all of this?” mind is always out for something it must be that is how mind functions on a “reward recognition” system “I want something for doing this even though it looks like I’m a human martyr because I’m so young and naive!” or I’ll take a temper tantrum really I will!

If human beings’ really wanted to do something about this “climate change kamikaze plane” it should have been in the 1960’s or at the very latest 1970’s before this climate dilemma began to take a negative dive to destruction but minds’ were having too much fun being greedy and dining out on human beings’ suffering. Not caring about anything except greed and gobbing up everything so the planet suffered big time, did we think this could possibly go on forever??

Learn something NOW little Swedish “adolescent uninformed child mind” what kind of a future do you have my dear? If you had any intelligence you should be reverting back to the (1950’s – 60’s -70’s) pointing out that it was at that point something should have been done in stopping these heinous global developments’ that could drastically harm the planet’s environment not after the greedy fact of NOW.