YVR SCREEN SCENE FOR UKRAINEA gala evening in support of humanitarian efforts in Ukraine featuring a special screening of Maidan On March 30, the courage and resilience of the Ukrainian people will fill the big screen at VIFF Centre as part of YVR Screen Scene For Ukraine, an evening in support of humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.  The centrepiece of the evening is a special screening of Maidan, Ukrainian … Continue reading YVR SCREEN SCENE ANNOUNCES FUNDRAISER FOR UKRAINE

Fighting For Their Rights

By Stephen Pisko  Everybody are “fighting for their rights” that is the problem issue in most cases’ “friction against the foremost”. Which denotes you are dealing with something that is “ahead of you” and your creating friction with this something that is already “first in time” which immediately washes away any rights’ you think you possess. You cannot claim “rights for yourself” when someone before … Continue reading Fighting For Their Rights


By Mostafa El Awamry In a world full of greediness presidents seem to manipulate the law to get what they want, the way they want to. Moreover, it is a hierarchical manipulating system. When people tend to get fewer opportunities to have a better life, of course, capitalism takes part in it. Political ideologies can interfere with every aspect of every nation, in the way … Continue reading Justice

Popular Weather Subject

By Stephan Pisko, The weather has always been a very “surviving connected subject” but in recent years’ this has escalated dramatically because of “guilty climate fluctuational environment changeovers” worldwide the human being feels extremely responsible for what has and is taking place on the globe. The subject of weather (is/has) become one of the world’s most discussed areas’ in recent human memory it is very … Continue reading Popular Weather Subject

“Branson & Bezos – Social Clowns”

By Stephan Pisko “Branson & Bezos” what a greedy egotistical comedy team their socialized clowns! They are both absolutely hilarious “space cissies” firing rocketships’ into outer space every month hitching a ride on a high altitude aviation vessel for a taste of weightlessness?? Don’t you mean brainlessness?? Richard Branson is the same degenerate that swam into shark infested waters was bitten and chewed on then … Continue reading “Branson & Bezos – Social Clowns”

One Track Minds

By Stephan Pisko These military henchmen in U.S. – Russia – Iran – China – in all cell countries’ worldwide have one thing common to their “one track minds”: dominate – control – kill – revenge – maybe mass mentality will believe it now in light of this “Iranian Incident” these cell countries’ do not care about their citizens’ irregardless of what they outwardly display. … Continue reading One Track Minds

Wishing You A Wonderful Season Of Spring

If spring came but once a century instead of once a year, or burst forth with the sound of an earthquake and not in silence, what wonder and expectation there would be in all hearts to behold the miraculous change. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow There are always flowers of hope all around us to reminding us of brighter and better days ahead. Spring is a time … Continue reading Wishing You A Wonderful Season Of Spring

Is There A Difference Between Fantasy and Reality

By Stephan Pisko Both are constructed by the human mind maybe the difference lies in the speculative fact that ‘fake fantasy’ is created with ‘many visual ideas’ plus ‘one human mind’ where as the ‘real illusion of reality’ is created by ‘many human minds’ plus one ‘broad based conceptual idea’. Fantasy has a ‘freeing effect’ but the real illusion of reality is ‘confining to a … Continue reading Is There A Difference Between Fantasy and Reality

Mars – Past Placebo Space Practice

By Stephan Pisko Mars is billions’ of years of past history human beings’ “magnet to this historical mystique” why does mind cling to a bygone timeframe? Even before a durational measurement was within cognizant awareness scope humans’ wish to go back in the evolutionary lineage to the “primordial past” and then what trace the circle all over again? The species’ wants to find life on … Continue reading Mars – Past Placebo Space Practice

Steven Buckner A Composer Of The Divine

By Monteque Pope-Le Beau “Peace comes from within, and music can have a place for it as well” Steven Buckne Steven Buckner is no ordinary composer. He is one that composes this music to inspire and make and make a difference in the world. Composition is compositions are very eclectic and fresh. Every composition is love made visible. Mr. Buckner is an Los Angeles based … Continue reading Steven Buckner A Composer Of The Divine

The Howling Moment Of Change

At this moment everything that our society was built upon seems to be falling away. Showing the true inadequacy of our global community. It seems time and time again we continue to repeat the mistakes of the past, each time we state that we have finally learned the lessons of humanity and yet tribalism still reigns supreme. Each individual tribe has come to live inside … Continue reading The Howling Moment Of Change

Virus Silencer

By Stephan Pisko The Chinese doctor (Li Wenliang) that leaked the coronavirus data logically knew more about where and how the virus actually originated this is what China’s Governmental powers were afraid of so the “doctor had to die”. He apparently contacted the virus that was a “natural trail” so his demise would probably just go down publicly as just another “virus victim”, but minds … Continue reading Virus Silencer

Circle of Nowhere – Human Life Evolved Out of a Dollar Bill

  By Stephan Pisko Human life evolved out of a dollar bill this is the ‘god concept’ which each and every one of us programmed perennials sprouting up everywhere – “How much does that cost ?” – “Want that …. Buy me one !” – are committed and controlled to and by. The dollar bill is a natural for the human being (besides war chess) … Continue reading Circle of Nowhere – Human Life Evolved Out of a Dollar Bill

Together We Stand United In The Darkness

The Art Of Monteque Team would take to this time to send our prayers and sympathies to our colleagues, our contributors and to the people of  Paris who have been affected by this heinous and hideous act of violence. The Art Of Monteque Team stands With the people of Paris in these dark times. Let these unspeakable acts not stop us from caring about one another, … Continue reading Together We Stand United In The Darkness