Together We Stand United In The Darkness

"You Will Not Kill Our Freedom"  By: Jeff J Mitchell,Getty Images
“You Will Not Kill Our Freedom”  Image By: Jeff J Mitchell,Getty Images

The Art Of Monteque Team would take to this time to send our prayers and sympathies to our colleagues, our contributors and to the people of  Paris who have been affected by this heinous and hideous act of violence. The Art Of Monteque Team stands With the people of Paris in these dark times. Let these unspeakable acts not stop us from caring about one another, helping one another or connecting to one another. Let it not silence our voice or put fear in our heart. Let all humanity stand against such unspeakable acts and work together to bring about peace and understanding. Let truth, compassion, and love illuminate the darkness of fear and intolerance. Let us together celebrate the lives that we have lost and a brighter tomorrow.

The Art Of Monteque