The Howling Moment Of Change

At this moment everything that our society was built upon seems to be falling away. Showing the true inadequacy of our global community. It seems time and time again we continue to repeat the mistakes of the past, each time we state that we have finally learned the lessons of humanity and yet tribalism still reigns supreme. Each individual tribe has come to live inside a box in which they see nothing past that which is not in the box. There is no understanding or true knowledge of the other because the other cannot exist within their tribal box. They see only the differences not the unity that resides in each and every one of us. This tribalism box is nothing new, it has existed for millennia rooting itself like a weed in the heart of ancient and modern societies turning a vast amount of the human race against one another. Allowing us to dehumanize anyone that does not belong in our idyllic tribe and causing us to react inhumanely.

This is how our society has survived from the pass to the present choosing to categorize outsiders by their race, religion, sex, gender, politics, sexual preference, culture and community. Creating the illusion that one tribe is stronger and superior over the others giving it the power to objectify, dominate and even kill those that it deems unworthy. Blatantly taking away the rights of others. Bringing a totalitarian force of servitude, incarceration, inequality, and poverty. But this is the great delusion, the truth is that there is no difference between any of us. Every life should be respected and honored. It is through this delusion that we hear the toxic raging voice of hate spewing it’s despicable rhetoric while we faintly hear the suppressed masses howling for change and justice.

In this great immense dark age where we find ourselves approaching the precipice of our destruction we need to make a choice of whether we will continue to make the mistakes of the past or to stand and recognize each others humanity not the divisions that we choose to warship. Finally allowing ourselves to see that we are all connected and we are bound by the internal force of love, compassion, sympathy, empathy and respect. Letting the light of understanding illuminate our darkness and destroy the tribalism boxes that have been our cages for so long and standing united for a better tomorrow.

We have to stand together and speak out when we see wrongdoing and injustice. Helping and listening to those who seek justice and equality across our global community. Now is the time to bring about the change that we seek, allowing us to work toward healing the wounds of the past and present while setting our feet firmly on the path of reconciliation.

The Art Of Monteque stands united with Black Lives Matters