Angelfish: To Live Your Life To The Fullest, Surround Yourself With The Right People 

By Sanyukta Thakare

The coming of age love story will remind you of all the right reasons for falling in love. It also talks about being surrounded by the right people, who listen, love and support you. The story follows Eva a young Puerto Rican woman and Brendan, an Irish-American man, both struggle in their own world full of responsibility but with each other’s support, they begin to value themselves and stand up for themselves.
While Eva is torn between her responsibilities towards her family and her dreams to become an actress, Brendon is dealing with an absent and irresponsible mother and a younger brother who is often getting into trouble. After finding the courage to talk to a cute girl, Brandon helps Eva finally take the steps to go for auditions instead of filling out that college form. On the other hand, Brandon finally realizes that he also deserves to be happy so he moves out of their mother’s apartment with his younger brother.
It is unclear as to when the story takes place because we don’t see them using any cell phones, instead, we see them use payphones and home dialers, like landline phones. And still the story is just as relatable in today’s time, even more so given how materialistic people have become over the years and everyday stress just keeps increasing.
Angelfish is bound to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy, despite the heartbreaking story. Eva and Brendon find their way to each other after moving forward in life on their own. Learning their value and worth, and the fact that nothing should weight it down.
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