Circle of Nowhere – Human Life Evolved Out of a Dollar Bill


By Stephan Pisko

Human life evolved out of a dollar bill this is the ‘god concept’ which each and every one of us programmed perennials sprouting up everywhere – “How much does that cost ?” – “Want that …. Buy me one !” – are committed and controlled to and by.

The dollar bill is a natural for the human being (besides war chess) we are cheap – greedy and want more we don’t know when to stop more. We are attracted to status – power – greed the buck fits in perfectly to our selfish plans that goes nowhere.

Humans’ use the iconic version of god to make it seem we care for each other then when we leave our special ‘place of worship’ we go to another greedier ‘place of worship’ our true nature of looking after ourselves only and so we breed each other into a ‘circle of nowhere’.