Philanthropy – Goodwill Greed

By Stephan Pisko,   A free monetary gift is virtuous sounds great, but there is an underlying invisible price to pay! How did this mysterious gift turn into being ‘free’? Was it always indeed free? How was this free gift acquired through corruption – deceit – lies? How does a ‘mad-dog greedy’ individual suddenly turn into a monetary Santa Claus? There must be a pompous … Continue reading Philanthropy – Goodwill Greed

Circle of Nowhere – Human Life Evolved Out of a Dollar Bill

  By Stephan Pisko Human life evolved out of a dollar bill this is the ‘god concept’ which each and every one of us programmed perennials sprouting up everywhere – “How much does that cost ?” – “Want that …. Buy me one !” – are committed and controlled to and by. The dollar bill is a natural for the human being (besides war chess) … Continue reading Circle of Nowhere – Human Life Evolved Out of a Dollar Bill

Cashless World More Controlled Human Beings

By Stephan Pisko A cashless world is a ‘totally controlled’ monetary system with absolutely no pathways the only purpose is a mass elitist corporation government control a ‘valueless society’ with a rationed monetary structure where the wealthy will conquer and dominate the poor goodbye ‘middle class’ button pushing ‘fabulous fortunes’ to button pushing ‘poor peasants’ all in one click instant control. You could have envisioned … Continue reading Cashless World More Controlled Human Beings

No Respect For Artists

  By Stephan Pisko Artists’ – poets’ – writers’ – philosophers’ – sculptors’ – painters’ – architects’ – have all shaped the integrity and look of societies’ cultures’ past (or) present this is a known fact throughout the centuries’ but at the same time we have left ourselves’ vulnerable to ‘artistic monetary prostitution’ we have been used and abused awfully in the name of creativity. … Continue reading No Respect For Artists

“Wild West”: Gunning For What You Do & How You Do It ….

By Stephan Pisko Tech geeks’ are psychologically deceiving thieves’ placing huge amounts of money in their saddlebags’ without anyone knowing all based on our behavior habits ‘what we do & how we do it’. Supply in demand using algorithmic differential pricing reverse psychology bait – hook – switch tactics which everyone are in the clouds about literally and figuratively. “Two-way mirrored business” is exactly what … Continue reading “Wild West”: Gunning For What You Do & How You Do It ….

Art Idea: Actually Currency ?

By: Stephan Pisko Artists’ present their artistic ideas’ within the ‘concept of currency’ suggesting that the ‘art idea’ is actually money ? Around the perimeter of the ‘concept of currency’ to smash the core art-idea into particles producing an accelerated bang ultimately re-creating the ‘art idea’ fusing with the ‘concept of currency’ then blending the two themes’ within an ‘unlawful carnal creative knowledge’ this is … Continue reading Art Idea: Actually Currency ?