Cashless World More Controlled Human Beings

By Stephan Pisko

A cashless world is a ‘totally controlled’ monetary system with absolutely no pathways the only purpose is a mass elitist corporation government control a ‘valueless society’ with a rationed monetary structure where the wealthy will conquer and dominate the poor goodbye ‘middle class’ button pushing ‘fabulous fortunes’ to button pushing ‘poor peasants’ all in one click instant control.

You could have envisioned this coming for years at least the last (6-8) for sure, but this ‘cashless idea’ isn’t a new one it was tested a number of years ago by the ‘global mob gob’ elitist where they could see much more positive controlling greed factors over the masses it was a definite thumbs up, but it had to be presented in a way that gave the impression it was ‘total convenience’ for the masses not the reverse. The Venmo app targeting a certain demographic (30 & under) making it ‘socially fun fashionable’ tagged with you’re personal finance then mix it with lifestyle adapting it to today’s lazy cloud mentality providing a ‘social service’ basically right at you’re fingertips how lethargic!

It takes the ‘same generation’ to recognize the ‘same generation’ because their just like us we all think the same a ‘mentally mobile’ society greed feeding off greed. Today’s huge mass population it’s like working with quicksand you don’t know you’re sinking – until you’re sunk. You don’t ‘see you’re money’ it’s as if it doesn’t exist neither do you question identity as well with this someone else would ‘ration it for you’ like you’re parents’ giving you a weekly allowance that could ‘make you rich for the week’ (or) ‘make you poor for the week’ only we are talking large scale mass monetary the loss of independent freedom where the citizens’ will possess no choice over: food stuffs – pharmacies – buying ….. That is it for the life you don’t have ! Cater to idle non-thinking human beings’ ……