Art Idea: Actually Currency ?

By: Stephan Pisko

Artists’ present their artistic ideas’ within the ‘concept of currency’ suggesting that the ‘art idea’ is actually money ? Around the perimeter of the ‘concept of currency’ to smash the core art-idea into particles producing an accelerated bang ultimately re-creating the ‘art idea’ fusing with the ‘concept of currency’ then blending the two themes’ within an ‘unlawful carnal creative knowledge’ this is a gallery’s function.

The artist has creative urges and survival desires the gallery exhibits a ‘prostitutional paradise’ a momentary cessation like a madame granting your wicked wish. You do not ‘know the artist’ yet you desire it for a ‘private affair’ a personal intimate contact so you pay for this creative exhibitionism and retrieve a ‘provocative piece’ to do in your own way whenever you fancy it. A cloak shrouded in ‘masterpiece mystery’ you flee like a dark stallion who has charge over his mares’ but the mares’ know the stallion will return to ‘urgent urges’. The ‘masterpiece mystery’ increases over time with monetary madness as the titillating teems with notoriety attracting additional anonymous voyeurs’ who seek for their ‘greedy goblets’ yes the creative collector as in decades’ past commissioning illiterate currency value on an artist they do not know yet desire it for their monetary prison mansion.