Visual Viscosity – Self Expressive Ideas

  By Stephan Pisko Self expressive ideas on Art Basel 2015 in the form & content called: Visual Viscosity ……… The self’s need to be social yet with distance deliberation how did it happen? Energies’ relived with intellectual intrepidness a reaching out for recognition a need to be needed. Impossible visual pathways that venture beyond to screaming icons’ a vocabularic vengeance. Self identity blocked by … Continue reading Visual Viscosity – Self Expressive Ideas

Art Idea: Actually Currency ?

By: Stephan Pisko Artists’ present their artistic ideas’ within the ‘concept of currency’ suggesting that the ‘art idea’ is actually money ? Around the perimeter of the ‘concept of currency’ to smash the core art-idea into particles producing an accelerated bang ultimately re-creating the ‘art idea’ fusing with the ‘concept of currency’ then blending the two themes’ within an ‘unlawful carnal creative knowledge’ this is … Continue reading Art Idea: Actually Currency ?

How To Take Amazing Photos For An Art Exhibition Or For Publicity

By Michael Schacht 312 Elements Headshot Photography   Photography, as an art, is extremely flexible as it can take a wide variety of forms. As a photographer, you only need a camera and you can be a street photographer, a travel photographer, or even a sports photographer – it all depends on your preference. If you also want to show off your work as an … Continue reading How To Take Amazing Photos For An Art Exhibition Or For Publicity