Visual Viscosity – Self Expressive Ideas

Art Basel 2015


By Stephan Pisko

Self expressive ideas on Art Basel 2015 in the form & content called: Visual Viscosity ………

The self’s need to be social yet with distance deliberation how did it happen?

Energies’ relived with intellectual intrepidness a reaching out for recognition a need to be needed. Impossible visual pathways that venture beyond to screaming icons’ a vocabularic vengeance. Self identity blocked by blankness and stripped of mobility.

Can an axe earring cut off you’re hearing?

Everything I wear is in that suitcase, but the wooden hangers are empty. The young body lying on the gallery floor with a blue plastic bag over it’s head is this someone’s child that got very bored with the ‘art idea’ (or) are they just taking some time out?

Yes, a wall of opened paint cans is the ‘art idea’s’ tools. Is it really psychologically meaningless?

A portable blackboard contains intellectual property. When you overlap a male figure over a female figure you discover the female is taller, but the male is longer. The ‘for sale’ poster was already ‘purchased’. A morbid minimalist will always go for a belt hanging on a white wall every time! Sterility has nothing to do with being a woman because only a mother has the reproductive belief. It takes many feet to climb a castle’s wall, but only one long electrical cord to illuminate the tower. You never know when you might want to cook while suspended from the ceiling sitting on a chair upside down.

What happened to the body that went through the wire fence, but it’s jacket was left hanging on a wire?

Cotton candy ballet flosses together. Playful fun easy this is eye relaxation.

Contemporary photography just like it is untouched. Questioning the question digging deep. Fusion of form, yin and yang. Primitive 5 cents. Sterile precision placement systematically suggested breaking ethnic poster parties. Social mind confrontation and surreal silliness.

Art idea is a ‘fashion possession’ be a promotional tourist while in Basel.


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