Seeing Simply With An Uncluttered Mind – Clean Your Dinner Table

By Stephan Pisko,

You’re mind today is like a dinner-table after (12) people that have just finished a wonderful meal whom are no longer present at the table but what remains are unfinished pieces of meat – fish bones – bits of bread buns – gravy stains – fork stuck in the butter dish – wine glasses with wine still left in them – ripped & balled finger cloths with sticky lumps of strawberry ice cream – steak bones still bleeding with rare types of meat clinging – a half of a cake cut into small fragments with the icing missing – (3) ketchup bottles one is leaking ketchup from the lid – knives, forks, spoons piled into a greasy mess.

It makes you wonder what was said at this dinner table during this ‘fanatic feast’ was there any ‘thinking of thoughts’ ?  Or was it just physical consumption devoid of thoughts (or) thinking ? These (12) people are you’re unorganized thoughts who have lost the learning power of thinking they just exist with no thought of cleaning this cluttered mind mess that the dinner table examples. We partake in thoughts that are not ours relishing in a ‘fanatic feast’ that is not our lives then we ultimately disillusion ourselves with some augmented asinine idea that ‘my life is good – it’s all good’ ?

When you really ‘see it simply’ it is embarrassing isn’t it ? This is the average mind today 24/7 you say: “What about the un-average mind ?” Well sad to inform you it is even in worse mental shape ! The un-average mind possesses much more pressure and responsibility because the average minds’ cling to it as an anchor the average mind is content with the embarrassment content with the fact of thoughts’ that do not belong to them eating away at their ‘fanatic feast’ in delight.

But a marvelous thing happens when the dinner-table is ‘cleaned of the clutter’ there now exists a ‘clear mind’ never to cloud is to watch every thought that enters the mental space so that this ‘fanatic feast’ does not take place allowing the self with clarity of mind minus thought parasites.

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