“Wild West”: Gunning For What You Do & How You Do It ….

By Stephan Pisko

Tech geeks’ are psychologically deceiving thieves’ placing huge amounts of money in their saddlebags’ without anyone knowing all based on our behavior habits ‘what we do & how we do it’. Supply in demand using algorithmic differential pricing reverse psychology bait – hook – switch tactics which everyone are in the clouds about literally and figuratively.

“Two-way mirrored business” is exactly what Facebook for instance is doing there are billions of sitting human ducks’ just waiting to be used as a matter of fact their asking for it they want to be ‘likely licked’ like pets so these geeks’ all feel they are providing a useful service responding to a large supply in demand need there will probably be a law (or) laws in the future blocking this but until then the ‘Wild West’ has their ‘mark the maniac’ slinging his mouse pad for billions making billions the only way he knows how coming to a computer near you!

Human beings’ are indeed the ‘bots’ robots’ do the spying info inhibitors then human beings’ target the sitting ducks’ within their sights press the button. The ‘artificial intelligence movement’ is influencing information not computers’ just like the ‘Wild West’ when Billy the Kid came to your town it was the psychological positioning the notorious Billy the Kid was heading to your town that influenced fear within many the same is true with ‘AI’ it’s the psychological positioning how it’s aimed is to targeted, that is the influential fear builder not the computer as the geeks’ would like all the sitting ducks’ to really believe.