China Paradox

By Stephan Pisko It’s a total ‘new way of seeing’ that is the only way you can really see beyond, but there are always ‘tell tale’ visual signs’ as the ‘visual is intelligence’. China is laced with paradoxes’ that was birthed long ago within their eastern thought philosophy principles’ there exists a ‘roller coaster ridden’ society among the very young to the very old this … Continue reading China Paradox

Social Psychological Editorial Photography

By Stephan Pisko The social embraces the psychological thereby exhibiting an advertising editorial look the model blends into the “socio-psycho” scene naturally reflecting an easy everyday feel to the viewer instantly liking the advertised product – “That would look great on me!”. So the model and photographer have jointly created a “harmonious happening” that sold the product visually honestly believably to the viewer’s eye a … Continue reading Social Psychological Editorial Photography


By Stephan Pisko The question is:  “How did all this social media-ized cell phonic technology get into very active insecure empty minds’ in the first place?”  Well the greedy power ridden idea of controlling these minds’ is where it begins besides the fact that this (30) year behind the times simplistic technology was totally setup for this purpose whatever births out of this is a … Continue reading I-Minds  

“Wild West”: Gunning For What You Do & How You Do It ….

By Stephan Pisko Tech geeks’ are psychologically deceiving thieves’ placing huge amounts of money in their saddlebags’ without anyone knowing all based on our behavior habits ‘what we do & how we do it’. Supply in demand using algorithmic differential pricing reverse psychology bait – hook – switch tactics which everyone are in the clouds about literally and figuratively. “Two-way mirrored business” is exactly what … Continue reading “Wild West”: Gunning For What You Do & How You Do It ….