By Stephan Pisko

The question is: 

“How did all this social media-ized cell phonic technology get into very active insecure empty minds’ in the first place?” 

Well the greedy power ridden idea of controlling these minds’ is where it begins besides the fact that this (30) year behind the times simplistic technology was totally setup for this purpose whatever births out of this is a psychological plus not in your mind’s favor. This has nothing whatsoever to do with “social stats” it was a “custom designed” setup specially aimed at mind control developed probably by gamers’ on steroidal society satori cutting with incision-like acuity into “self nature” looking ludicrously with routine conditioned addiction.

The mind has been recognized by an “outward science” as ready the green go light is flashing the time has spored breeding a “new organism” not necessarily a new mind just a carbonation restructuring producing “a need with a reproductive effect” that waves the world analytical isolation distinctly diluted from the mass matrix of control.