China Paradox

By Stephan Pisko

It’s a total ‘new way of seeing’ that is the only way you can really see beyond, but there are always ‘tell tale’ visual signs’ as the ‘visual is intelligence’. China is laced with paradoxes’ that was birthed long ago within their eastern thought philosophy principles’ there exists a ‘roller coaster ridden’ society among the very young to the very old this of course shreds off into everything and can be applied to everything also.

China was the cornerstone of modern thought roughly about (1000) years ago, but gradually faded into disbelief the mongols’ all transformed into ‘red reluctant’ dictators’ keeping the country’s mass population subdued in fear like the rest of the global gob cell countries’ of this putrid planet. What is shown in China is absolutely nothing like what ‘actually exists’, but this is an illusionary tactic used everywhere you cannot escape it this country is being ‘knowingly suffocated’. What human beings’ today call ‘standard of living & food’ are extremely disputable both are extremely controlled for you then given to ‘your free will’ as a token gesture.

This total ‘new way of seeing’ has taken me (25) years to formulate, but can possibly be learned through complete mind discipline depending on the human being in less time and should be instinctively instructed to every child as young as possible to give them a chance for survival within this increasing downing illness building ‘psychological prison’ we all have been living in for the past (15) years at least.