Words That The Human Mind Has Created

By Stephan Pisko We must remember that the human mind has created these words to help us illustrate more fully certain tangible and non-tangible subjects that we as human beings’ cannot explain. These words are basically very ‘generally abstract’ and do not pinpoint any exact areas of concentration we look to philosophy, psychology, physics and metaphysics these allow us to pursue these abstruse subjects to … Continue reading Words That The Human Mind Has Created

Singular Silent Steel Strength- The Monolith

By Stephan Pisko A recreated foretold future perceived through psychologically deceived primal eyes’ the “silent singular steel strength” rises over “segregated alienated solitude” an isolated incubation. Subduing society shift by a higher power this is what the monolith means that human beings’ are witnessing worldwide a visual predestined plan made visible aiding mass cleansing changes in preparation for the next phaseout. Continue reading Singular Silent Steel Strength- The Monolith

China Paradox

By Stephan Pisko It’s a total ‘new way of seeing’ that is the only way you can really see beyond, but there are always ‘tell tale’ visual signs’ as the ‘visual is intelligence’. China is laced with paradoxes’ that was birthed long ago within their eastern thought philosophy principles’ there exists a ‘roller coaster ridden’ society among the very young to the very old this … Continue reading China Paradox