Words That The Human Mind Has Created

Photo by Mariana Montrazi on Pexels.com

By Stephan Pisko

We must remember that the human mind has created these words to help us illustrate more

fully certain tangible and non-tangible subjects that we as human beings’ cannot explain.

These words are basically very ‘generally abstract’ and do not pinpoint any exact areas of

concentration we look to philosophy, psychology, physics and metaphysics these allow us

to pursue these abstruse subjects to deeper experimental levels. The visual before the

eyes is constantly changing as human beings’ adapt to the fluctuating quakes within the

socially psychological creases.

To say that anything is ‘this or that’ with a ‘word’ developed by the human mind is to really

say that we do not ‘understand it’ and/or cannot ‘explain it’ as the mind always needs to

‘pigeon hole’ label (or) exact a subject (or) object with a branding identification category.

With regard to the ‘light of this existence’ being real it seems to be a ‘timed fantasy’ from

a past era as sunlight takes (10-170) thousand years to get from the sun to this planet so

every morning when we wake we are actually witnessing a ‘light memory from the past’

which poses the age old question by physicists’ ….. “Is time moving forwards (or)

backwards ?” Which initially poses another question: ” Does the here and now even

exist ?” The mind only perceives the ‘here & now’ it currently analyses so if the here

and now doesn’t exist the mind has been deceived not to mention all of the civilizations’

that have ever lived on this planet. It’s all a matter of the ‘placement of physics’ within

this universal hyper field that causes and effects living cells ‘during a duration’ we have

yet to fully comprehend. Light is a channel as the mind is a medium to other dimensions.

We are creating a ‘thinking philosophy’ for the new mind that is imperative for human

beings’ living now and in the future within this ‘psychological paradigm’.