A Review of Jonathan Baker’s Film “Becoming Iconic”

Director Jonathan Baker

By Vernon Nickerson

By his own admission, relatively “new” Director Jonathan Baker wants a career in filmmaking and defines film as propaganda. So, I can only conclude from Jonathan Baker’s “Becoming Iconic” that Baker wants to become an iconic creator director. Jonathan Baker is a writer, producer and director has always been enthralled by smart storytelling and larger than life figures, taking inspiration from greats like Ernest Hemingway to guide his own sensibilities as a writer, producer, director and adventurer. Studying film in his native New York City and at USC in his undergraduate years, Jonathan Baker began his entertainment industry career as a writer, director and producer of projects such as Through Scavullo’s Eyes, a Warner Bros. documentary on the controversial fashion photographer Francesco Scavullo.

What is interesting about his newly released film, “Becoming Iconic”, is the priceless advice he receives from a group of Directors and experienced actors Faye Dunaway and Nicolas Cage. Baker wisely devotes the first part of his film to interviews with an UBER-talented iconic cadre of experienced Directors: Adrian Lyne, Taylor Hackford, Jodie Foster, John Badham, and Warren Beatty. Unfortunately, Beatty ‘appears’ via audio only. But few film critics ever agree with every choice a Director makes, so no worries there, gentle readers.

As a talented actor who brought considerable talent, skills and abilities 100% congruent with established entertainment brands such as DCU, MCU, the WB, OPRAH, and Martha Stewart, Jonathan Baker also wants to establish a BRAND as a filmmaker, music producer, fashion designer, and hotelier.

The movie is ideal for anyone who 1.) wants to have a career as a filmmaker and 2.) ever wondered “What do Directors do to create films?”

In my opinion, the best films leave you with questions. In my experience, the best “Branding” marketing makes you want to make a purchase. Jonathan Baker’s “Becoming Iconic” succeeds on both counts. I come away from the experience wanting to know if the Hero succeeds in reaching his goals. And, I definitely want to watch the movie at the heart of “Becoming Iconic”! If Jonathan Baker, the hero honoring his heroine (his mother), is at least as successful as Jodie Foster, we can expect a sequel somewhere after JB’S fifth film. Completed in 2018, “Becoming Iconic” is now streaming on YouTube (paywall), Google (paywall), and Amazon Prime, of course.

As the great late comedian Paul Mooney would have quipped, Jonathan Baker’s film documentary debut shows that Baker has the Connections and Complexion for the Collection, big time! Well done!!

“Becoming Iconic”, had it’s world premiere at 17th annual Whistler Film Festival. For more information and to follow the film please go here or Facebook.