No Respect For Artists


By Stephan Pisko

Artists’ – poets’ – writers’ – philosophers’ – sculptors’ – painters’ – architects’ – have all shaped the integrity and look of societies’ cultures’ past (or) present this is a known fact throughout the centuries’ but at the same time we have left ourselves’ vulnerable to ‘artistic monetary prostitution’ we have been used and abused awfully in the name of creativity.

Any serious artist is on a personal quest or at least should be in some way (or) form where there are no time constraints deadlines we were born into a ‘creative curse’ that drives us passionately some insanely driven to varying heights (or) depths depending on our psychological personalities’ and creative character. As artists’ we can’t help but ‘serenade socially’ entrancing public masses to see (or) think uniquely other than a preconditioned narrow one way street.

You cannot identify the intrinsic value of the art idea (or) anything for that matter because it is unidentifiable corporations’ step in to ‘politicize’ the art idea with arts advocacy groups’ then the elitist have deadened the ‘true nature of artistic value’ with a stamped illiterate monetary value label crushing the artist’s self expression and confusing the public’s opinions’ on creativity completely. As far as the elitist are concerned the ‘art idea’ must be ‘monetarily high priced’ to be of any value whatsoever this has created a ‘damaging disrespect’ for all artists’ worldwide.

Artists’ possess a camaraderie unity’ to some degree despite economic and political strife when times get really difficult especially during a disaster not caused by human beings’ we all band together to give assistance in any way we can utilizing our creative talents. There is no significance to weddings – funerals – graduations these are only ‘reproductive by products’ of a totally ‘socially conditioned society’ all linked to a monetary value that pools to a corruptive source inevitably but you must have ‘both feet out of the box not just one’ to unconditional yourself within this understanding. It’s difficult to verbalize why artists’ are important because there has been so much ‘construed confusion’ over the last (100) years at least regarding the ‘art idea’ art as a ‘possession’ and ‘artistic self expression’ which is injected into the ‘possession’ by the ‘artist’s self’ this cannot be purchased because it is basically invisible. The intrinsic value of ‘self expression’ which is the basis of any ‘art possession piece’ varies according to the ‘personal perception of the perceived’.

Social bonds’ via communal meetings’ dilute ‘self expression’ once again any value whatsoever beyond the monetary obviously lies solely between the ‘artist’s self expression’ and the ‘personal perception of the perceived’ any other communication transmission especially ‘socially communal’ are meaningless and brings into play an ‘exterior controlled negativity’ that centers on an ‘illiterate monetary value’ with no regard for self expressive creativity which also paths no respect for the artist. Any so called ‘artist’ this is linked and/or connected to a ‘mainstream public institution’ like a school including private sectors’ and especially social service groups’ are crippled and smothered with a ‘bias agenda’ that renders it’s output of absolutely no worthy unique artistic value (or) meaning.

As for the ‘stereotype artist’ belief notion this I must say is pretty lame coining a ‘grudge gesture’ there have been really at best (20) bona fide genuine sincere honest artists’ within the last (300-500) years on this ‘protruded planet’ that have actually ‘suffered for their service seriously’ and not these ‘temperamental tantalizing wannabe copycats’ full of insecurities’ and ego anxieties’ who only put on a ‘shallow artistic show’ demonstrating a creative statement of total stupidity basically because their scared they cannot do anything else so they starve to grab attention performing their ‘social show’ maybe this is an ‘art idea’ I’m not sure neither are they this is another ‘unconvincingly feeble’ element within most of today’s so called ‘artists’ I use that word extremely lucidly loose indeed.

There is only (1) artist that did change the direction of the ‘art idea’ of the past (400) years and that artist is ‘Picasso’ there was the Renaissance there was Impressionism and so on …. then there was ‘Picasso’ this man single handedly changed everything we thought was the ‘art idea’ through the decades’ centuries’ shocking us all into a ‘new view’ of the art idea a ‘social serenade’ of seeing and thinking uniquely other than a preconditioned iconic elitist one way monetary street his ‘self expression’ rivaled the ‘art possession’ his ‘expression became the possession’ it beamed with incredible artistic power ! This will probably never ever happen the same way again it can’t it wouldn’t be allowed to happen now ‘social conditioning’ has robbed ‘artistic power’ the influenced have become petty social scapegoats.