Steven Buckner A Composer Of The Divine

By Monteque Pope-Le Beau

“Peace comes from within, and music can have a place for it as well”

Steven Buckne

Steven Buckner is no ordinary composer. He is one that composes this music to inspire and make and make a difference in the world. Composition is compositions are very eclectic and fresh. Every composition is love made visible. Mr. Buckner is an Los Angeles based award winning film composer, songwriter, and music producer who started composing music at the age of 10 after learning how to play the Christmas song O Little Town Of Bethlehem. With an love of travel and an inquisitive nature seeking inspiration from different cultures and life experiences he is able to create music that has an otherworldly expression.

During the end of last year, Mr. Buckner was producing a track called Osiris. Of what was going to be the start of a truly prolific project that he turned into an album out of the track which later he called called “The Osiris Project”. It wasn’t until Covid-19 and the effect it had that he really started to see the real purpose for the album.

The Osiris Project” is a tremendous labor of love That resonates with an individuals deepest recesses of their soul. It is truly an album that is meant to inspire and create positive energy and a world that has been plunged into the darkness of chaos. From a talented and gifted individual comes a beautiful and complex album of unity. “The Osiris Project” is an otherworldly gift of the divine.  It is the language of humanity in a better world.  “The Osiris Project” Will have its worldwide release later this month on September 24, 2020.

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