Making The Dream Of The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch A Reality

By Monteque Pope-Le Beau This is a time for some of great uncertainty with the matters of the of the world seemingly growing darker by the day. I sometimes find that as we move forward it seems like we have moved many steps backwards repeating the ills of the past and yet for me there is great optimism for the future. For a brief moment … Continue reading Making The Dream Of The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch A Reality

Chopin Ballade – Chopin Scherzo –

By Stephan Pisko “Chopin Ballade” Stallions’ dancing at the carnival with rumbling joy happiness carefree but serious it is love we seek socially but wait we go round and round on the carousel non-stop with our manes’ in the air kicking our hoofs’ we stumble sensationally. __________________________________________________________________________________ “Chopin Scherzo” Gentle we touch immense our embrace on the way never forgetting minus memories’ falling notes’ holding … Continue reading Chopin Ballade – Chopin Scherzo –

Nature – Unity of Survival

By Stephan Pisko Nature has adapted to live together within a “unity of survival” human beings’ have not adapted in this way but in much more selfish ways’ greed created the “catastrophic clash” humans’ live together everyday for the pursuit purpose of “self wanting” thereby stimulating confrontation disharmony unnatural effort human beings’ live together within a “unity of selfish pleasurable survival” this is how this … Continue reading Nature – Unity of Survival

Steven Buckner A Composer Of The Divine

By Monteque Pope-Le Beau “Peace comes from within, and music can have a place for it as well” Steven Buckne Steven Buckner is no ordinary composer. He is one that composes this music to inspire and make and make a difference in the world. Composition is compositions are very eclectic and fresh. Every composition is love made visible. Mr. Buckner is an Los Angeles based … Continue reading Steven Buckner A Composer Of The Divine