Chopin Ballade – Chopin Scherzo –

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on

By Stephan Pisko

“Chopin Ballade”

Stallions’ dancing at the carnival with rumbling joy happiness carefree but serious it is love we seek socially but wait we go round and round on the carousel non-stop with our manes’ in the air kicking our hoofs’ we stumble sensationally.


“Chopin Scherzo”

Gentle we touch immense our embrace on the way never forgetting minus memories’ falling notes’ holding spaces’ rejoicing sadness but communicating triumphantly honesty shines personally the company we keep is trusting within great joy jokes’ always hear the symphony of fingers’ we hear it now over and over please don’t stop this melody of orgasm it is truly tremendous this gathering climax leaping stepping stationary life of life joyous ….. Oh my …..



Working together we are stronger needing the clarity of collaboration agreement double time is pleasure when we are together too short the sweetness the wish ….. Ah …..Exit …..