Total Selfless Act of Doing

By Stephan Pisko

This is another story about a human being and a dog the human just happens to be a man but it could of been a woman just happens to be a dog but it could of been a cat but where this particular story parts roads’ is within the “total selfless act of doing” this male human bestows upon the only true friend he ever knew in this physical existing activity realm is very notable indeed. The story about to be told is true because I the writer witnessed it’s contents’ actually unfold which now formulates pen in hand a note that this article is not just another “cute semblance scenario” posted for instant recognition likes’.

It’s not a long boring story it is I feel a very powerful meaningful useful one that every human being could respect admire the integrity and loyalty of both animal and human the “unremitting genuine love of life” for each party involved within this transcendent timeless reach touching eternity’s ether.

This male human I speak of had a “physical life of squander” living for the moment recklessly cheaply not thinking of tomorrow for it may never come forth ravishing bodily mass in sick temporary pleasures’ frivolous fun a genocidal gamble mind seems to thrive on ranting and raving on-route to nothing withheld in spiritual essence nor contemplative candor one saving grace of sorts is this man’s sincere appreciation of the animal kingdom as a “jockey of horses” did initially point to something meaningful even if the contemplation was at a later date on the duration timeline the bottled message ran ashore on the spiritual banks then honestly read time has fermented. This special canine was a female he often mentioned: “she looks out for me!” it came a time within her doggy’s life that required serious expensive medical treatment to keep her physically mobile not becoming a disabled animal being this male man dug down deep it literally took everything materially he had including his creative imagery tool he loved (Leica M6) camera which he sold to help with the medical expenses’ only to find that in a year later a camera of equal value would return into his hands’ for a very minute fraction cost the unseen recognized his sacrifice and recapitulated.

There was no thinking of “what he was going to lose” only “what he was going to gain” by assisting the dog’s mobility so very important to any form of animal (or) human physicality and even though he was going to live with “nothing materially” he sacrificed it all to give this female dog physical existing activity basically a “purpose for living” every time he looked at her it would be Christmas everyday of the year plus a “positive meaningful useful selfless integrity” totally unrelated to materialistic quotient value. He will definitely suffer to give her this “pleasure of positivity” and she will respond in just being there within a “mutual loving presence”.

This story is a tremendous human learning ground that takes breath away shock and awe simultaneously at the precise identical clock ticking sands running side-by-side through time endlessly.