Is There A Difference Between Fantasy and Reality

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By Stephan Pisko

Both are constructed by the human mind maybe the difference lies in the speculative fact

that ‘fake fantasy’ is created with ‘many visual ideas’ plus ‘one human mind’ where as the

‘real illusion of reality’ is created by ‘many human minds’ plus one ‘broad based conceptual

idea’. Fantasy has a ‘freeing effect’ but the real illusion of reality is ‘confining to a point of

enslavement’ a single forced spot of arrestment which limits personal choice. Fake fantasy

is more creative less inhibiting and intimately personal this is where artists’- writers’ – poets’

musicians’ alike usually like to stay not to venture too far off this utopian space although

equally some creative types require the bold edgy whipping sensation that the real illusion

of reality offers for creative stimulation.

Just what is ‘reality’ and what is ‘fantasy’ ? Both are created in the ‘likeness of each other’.

Both are dependent on the ‘perceptual slice of the perceiver. Both are deceiving and/or

contain deceptive qualities. Within ‘fake fantasy’ the mind has greater control but within

the ‘real illusion of reality’ the mind has less control. The real illusion of reality deals more

with the ‘sensorial qualities’ of the physical world and fake fantasy transmits our energy

lucidly beyond to a ‘senseless sojourn’. I believe both feed each other with mind nutrition

as long as we keep our mental states’ uniquely ours with active daily mental disciplining

within the real illusion of reality a breeding ground for ‘cerebral sickness’ on the other hand

fake fantasy is equally as psychologically dangerous a balance of the two takes real and fake

disciplining but to know which discipline to administer is a totally healthy mind picture.