One Track Minds

Photo by Lucas Pezeta on

By Stephan Pisko

These military henchmen in U.S. – Russia – Iran – China – in all cell countries’ worldwide have one thing common to their “one track minds”: dominate – control – kill – revenge – maybe mass mentality will believe it now in light of this “Iranian Incident” these cell countries’ do not care about their citizens’ irregardless of what they outwardly display.

Mind is mind worldwide a Japanese mind is the same as a Russian mind and so on …. within domination – control – power – greed – revenge – kill – mind has the capacity for compassion and killing all within the “same breath”. The basic problem is that mind doesn’t want to believe this truth mind always possesses that (implanted idea of fear) that “something/somebody else is going to get them” so it must retaliate without thinking without asking questions’ just shoot it down in flames kill (or) be killed!

This is the “cornerstone of confrontation”.