Greed and Power Hires Genius

By Stephan Pisko

Greed and power hires genius to create destruction via a control pattern effect with this genius is effectively managed through dominant patterns’ but fails to realize the probable purpose of it’s domination. Might and mind are separate, but they too converge randomly as social irritations’ flutter agitation stirring the ‘power pot’ while greed gobbles it up. The masses expect theater trauma, it strengthens our victimized underdog tendencies we enjoy viewing intelligence versus muscle what will be smacked to the mat firstly?

Anyone can attain an illustrious level of greed (or) power (or) both but not everyone can aspire genius for this is hard intellectual initiation even if you are gifted from birth it takes years of discipline – patience – training and ritualistic routines’ for harnessing ‘golden mental waves’ that blossom forth as the genius everyone knows but few ‘identify the knowing’. Genius is so self absorbed does it realize when it is indeed ‘being dominated’ it’s like atmospheric pressure pressing against the cerebral cortex just prior to a rainstorm a flood of self absorbance gushes from the cranium. Genius is making most useful value of final fluids steaming as vital breath dissipates into ether.

We know when greed and power are at the workbench, but we have no idea when ‘genius gels’ jiggling it’s mysterious marvels a controlled patterned effect is the positive side of destruction (or) construction a definite by-product associated with greed (or) power that genius assists.