Mixing Object Materialism with the Real Illusion

By Stephan Pisko,

Where human beings’ would dwell too long on the creative piece the machine goes so far then quits it’s job is done but the mind flows on it cannot stop. The artist prescriber injects the concept offerings within a machine a random rendezvous happens it doesn’t make any difference as to the sequential order of placement the blending fusion is un-bias. It’s totally fascinating to me in that the concepts were always there you recognized a ‘creative condition’ then applied it to a ‘separate concept’ within a cementing of time and space. The possible intent of gathering may be a psychologically (or) socially based message that reflects the current time and environment – the current reigning culture (or) society.

Spacial conceptual mixed media experience should attack all of the senses’ vividly and profoundly the artist welcomes a total participation in the experience to the point of: smelling – tasting -feeling – analyzing the suggested piece so as to bring about some kind of useful meaningful preposition to the viewer of the abstract perception. When materialistic consequences are fused with the real illusion this always tables suspicion which in turn ‘triggers shock thought’ a ‘mental aneurysm’ bridging the psychological. The greater the suggested piece can produce this ‘freebased fizz’ chemical the enhanced creative capacity of ‘useful personal intellect’.

Within this artistic forum an in depth high degree of personal intimate communicative explanation is required rounding out the full creative essence of understanding. I also believe within this conceptually based mixed media approach the size of the perceptual piece can elevate consciousness levels sustaining a heightened psychological even subliminal awareness factors it is an awakening of viewer’s self the artist is provoking insight to a relevant time and environment social media statement rendering it genuinely a psychological mix of object materialism blanketing a real conceptual illusion.