Third Industrial Revolution

By Stephan Pisko

It doesn’t really matter what happens to corporation industry speaking of a third industrial revolution big deal they can battle it out in the trenches of Fortune 500 but I can tell you this after all their corporate ‘greed grabs’ hair pulling antic escapades are done it’s the ‘citizens of the countries’ that will suffer in agony before all of this ‘skeet shooting’ is completed but it will never ever be completed because the human mind is never satisfied “and then what?” that lusciously perplexing question after the markets’ zero marginal cost society which really defines it as ‘totally disposable waste value’ beautiful!

With the advent of companies’ specializing in marketing only ‘one product’ and with so many companies’ marketing the ‘same product’ but with different commercial marketing slogans makes this economy repetitively unimaginative and useless incomplete uniqueness this reflects on it’s consumers’ who are using these ‘products pleasurably’ without a useful need to support (or) enhance their lives the absence of personal learning. Entrepreneurial ideas of today are the nightmares of tomorrow a great idea today may seem great within this current time & environment but will probably transform itself into something non-useful with this changing disposable wasteland.

But remember whatever happens within the economy there will always be one ‘constant control’ within this monetary prison you cannot do anything without a dollar bill social infrastructures may change ‘corporation cadavers’ will be seen everywhere but the largest amount of physical wealth – power are in the hands of the unknown like Geeks’ control the most controlling products in this existence: pharma + food next you’re mind! Sorry entrepreneurs’ this kind of controlling greed takes mega-trillions not just mere millions – beginning to feel like a boyscout (or) a girl-guide?

The third industrial revolution is only another piece of moldy cheese for the over (7.6) billion rodents’ to snack on then probably fight over – petty isn’t it – who learns anything? Who wants to? We are having too much Facebook Fun!

Social infrastructures’ are like you’re brain it’s being picked apart and the empty bits are left behind but they do bring human beings’ together in one pile true to be picked apart together elitist vultures’ are everywhere.