The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch Fundraiser

The Art Of Monteque will be hosting an online fundraiser to benefit the Dreamweaver Artist Ranch. 

Allowing us to better support and showcase artist, companies, and small businesses so they can thrive.

Becoming a destination for the Mariposa , California region of the Sierra foothills, while creating and showing content that is relevant and insightful… Creating a cultural community benefit that supports local artists and organizations that the community cares about… While creating a social community with an sustainable future that is full of the Dreamweaver Spirit to help others …

We are asking that you please talk to at least five people about The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch and how they can support it. Please get the word out on all of your social media networks and we would also like to ask that you make a one minute to one to two minute video about what The Dreamweaver artist Ranch means to you. Your support is greatly appreciated and if you are able please donate.

Stay tuned for more details, but if you would like to donate now please go to:

Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you on The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch.

Also from The Art Of Monteque Team have a safe and wonderful Juneteenth and Father’s Day. May you’re weekend be filled with joyous memories of those you hold dear and celebrations of a brighter tomorrow.