Rates of Greed = Rates of Survival

Photo by Jonas Ferlin on Pexels.com

By Stephan Pisko

Greedy goblins survive because of human beings’ need for survival but could greedy gobbling actually serve a useful meaningful purpose besides selfish hoarding ? When greed is abstracted from power there almost exists a subtle reasonability to it love is greed also, but the sharing of it so greed minus selfish hoarding could indeed with the right intent provide a useful and meaningful preposition for simple survival that we all must do irregardless of the ‘rate of selfish hoarding’ in all of it’s one sided splendor.

Rates of greed and greed value are two separate areas as well as ‘rates of survival’ and ‘survival value’ are two distinct ways. Rate of survival comes down really to a ‘personal choice’ do I survive at a healthy rate (or) an unhealthy rate ? Do I place any important useful meaningful value on my survival ? Is it just mere sustenence with no thought of taking money from other human beings in desperate need of survival ? And at what escalated greed rate am I executing this practice daily, monthly, etc.? Is my ‘greed value’ at a very intense level (or) is it at a more semi-moderate state ? The mind does not really care for all of this personal ‘intimate interrogation’ as a matter of fact mind does not want you to think at all in these humanistic manners but just wants you to perform these actions like tying your shoes no thought at all you don’t even realize your doing it this is basically how greed functions when placed up against everyday survival as a matter of fact when you think about it mere survival is a form of selfish greed because you are hoarding an ‘amount of sustainable survival’ for yourself but this could be classified within an ‘equivalent survival value’ does it usefully balance your ‘need for surviving’ up against the hoarding quantity you have personally gathered ?

I truly believe that ‘greed & survival’ are among the ‘common constants’ that every human being must honor honestly and personally to live a healthier existence with the needs of others’ always mindfully addressed with respect as we do with our own near and dear to our hearts.