MR SOUL! So Before It’s Time

By Liisa Cohen

Completely captivating, “MR SOUL!” is not just a documentary about Ellis B. Haizlip and his 1968-1973 Public Television show “Mr. SOUL!”. “Mr. SOUL!” is a deeply moving, beautifully edited, must see, absorbed and cherished film about a television show that started a movement reflecting the SOUL of all black people and the man behind this push . “MR. SOUL!” showcased black and brown people’s love, strength and encouragement through all the arts. “MR SOUL!” is an incredible in depth look into the show and the black experience of that time and to many respects of today as well.

Edited perfectly, it shows to all people, what it meant and means to be black in America. “Mr. SOUL!” was “so before it’s time, that it was in time”. Written, directed and produced by Melissa Haizlip, “MR SOUL!” is a documentary worthy of being watched repeatedly and of being a must and mainstay in every educational curriculum.


“MR SOUL!” will premiere on PBS’s Independent lens February 22, 2021. For more information go here .