Democratic Chicanery

By Stephan Pisko

It’s all cloaked in a shroud positive and negative is cleverly calculated to appear ‘just’ but the puppeteers’ manipulate everything within this regard do not let your mind tell you otherwise or your on ‘automatic deception’ like the mass billions’ on this global gob. It’s setup very very organized which have come along way since World War II this was their ‘wakeup call’ I mean Hitler really showed them what only (1) man could do as per stealing their very territory right before their eyes’ so the puppeteers got the world forces’ to help them get their territory back that’s the basis of World War II as sickly demented as it was but the mass billions’ are totally decieved otherwise. No human being/s alive on this putrid planet could be as heartless as the puppeteers that is why the trillions & trillions of dollars rule as they get their jollies’ playing chess with human lives’ while giving the cosmetic impression it is ‘just’. Every child should be taught this in ‘mainstream academia’ but instead are taught some ‘setup history’ that supports ‘democratic chicanery’.

It’s all a “consorted affair” the crazy coagulatories’ that run this globe also run “everything” if your looking at it they control it very simple.  I take it your an “authentic truthful writer” like me who really doesn’t care if your on social media your game (ducks in a pond) waiting for a “sight” to be beaded on you we stand behind the truths’.  This physical place will never change that is every human beings’s consolation prize as you exit this “setup insanity” in the meantime humans’ must understand what physicality is “actually up against” by seeing “what actually is” and seeing “what actually is not” this is the future of our younger generations’ it is so so important.    I am sure your aware that it is a “writer’s paradise” humanity is on another “cusp of substantial psychological change” it is evident everywhere I think that your well aware of this fact while billions’ just go through the manipulated motions’ of nothing.