Soulless Place

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By Stephan Pisko

A soulless place could exist anywhere it solely depends on the perceptive placement of one’s disciplined dynamics’ cutting through the dishonest deception that mind fabricates. There was a time when you could learn something via traveling but this has all changed sadly you can still learn very ‘basic culture’ an atmosphere of a place and/or country but that is all whatever the psychological ploys a person may have here in Vancouver will be exactly the same in another place and/or country it’s far too setup ‘psychologically’ on this entire global goop everyone is in the ‘identical sticky psychological mess’ whatever you do personally and/or professionally.

Yes you can stumble upon a break for yourself once in a while something will get through the cracks this is all being positive not negative to actually see this for yourself very very important or you could end up in a ‘psych ward’. This entire planet is a ‘monetary & psychological prison’ absolutely no doubt about it no matter how happy your mind lets you think you are (or) how unhappy your mind lets you think you are same difference your eyes’ are sucking it all in to be controlled cleverly by mind.

I strive to be right in the middle of happy & unhappy that way I’m always content walking through this “sticky gooey psychological mess” with a confident content personal nature.