Us And Iran Were Both Wrong

By Stephan Pisko

Countries’ do not care about their citizens’ Iran’s “missile mishap” is a clean cut example of this fact. Did Iran even think before they fired off (12) Russian made missiles’ that maybe possibly might just might hit a commercial airline/s? And keep in mind this is a “religiously spiritual” based country going back thousands’ of years’ I think that this was a message from their supposed god “Allah”: Look …. just look at what your doing …. Can you see? Do you understand now?

What it comes down to is power, greed and revenge surpasses “human life” this is a very important fact to witness blatantly before human eyes’. How can citizens’ trust the country with which they live within when the powers’ to be perform this type of meaningless human catastrophe upon their citizens’?

I am not condoning the U.S. for the action they instigated that sparked this retaliative response from Iran but at very least the U.S. targeted with somewhat accurate precision not to harm any other innocent human beings’ but that said human doing has negative and positive effects’ humans’ cannot undo like “this without affecting that” it is the physical law that persists within physicality.

The U.S. were the initial instigators’ of this “entire eliminative exercise” when illustrated truthfully logically and rationally. To make good out of this bad situation would be for the (2) countries’ to come to a table with both “figurehead leaders” and admit they were “both absolutely wrong” in interacting these mind decision doings’ and vow now that they will not happen again in the future. This would not bring back cherished loved ones’ that all of the families’ lost but it would definitely show a “positive promise consolation” in many ways’.