Big Bang

By Stephan Pisko

Who (or) what was the dynamic energy behind the big bang?

Physicists believe that it originated out of ‘nothing’ or at least possibly nothing that we as human beings’ can understand and never will totally. Metaphysics teaches us that just because you can’t see it’ doesn’t mean that it is ‘not there’ just like dark matter. For the longest time science didn’t recognize this being anything at all, but we now know that this is not true it is something very vital to the functioning of the universe as a whole.

All of this big bang massive effect was created under ‘one second’ this very minuscule measurement of space is somewhat difficult for the human mind to rationalize, but these are the physicists’ findings.

Personally I think that this minuscule moment was stretched out over a much longer measurement of space as we are talking about an event that also created ‘time & space’ as we understand it being so because before the big bang there was no ‘time or space’ which rules out a creator of the universe’ as nothing existed prior to this event.

To me this is a marvelous gymnasium of the mind’ akin to the game of chess which I have dabbled on in previous posting writings the human condition will continue to think on these issues because they

are so interesting without a finality.