Medusa A Case In Pain And Strength

By: Joanna Panayi


I love you Athena

I love you Athena

Ι was born with love in my heart

My beauty was my start

To become wise like you

And carry your knowledge

Through and through

I loved you so

I devoted my life

To make people know

You were the best of the best

Yet you were not impressed

My beauty means nothing to me

Yet you sit and stare

As if I did you unfair

When people should meet

You, the great goddess Athena

To worship at your feet

To realize that your beauty

 is beyond what you see with  eyes

Now you are  fed with lies

I do not wish to be this way

I am who I am

Born with this face

Please do not condemn me

I cannot control the babble

As your worshipers go on, and on

Please I wish to stay

Not to be gone

I love you with my whole being

Let me praise you

Without complicating

My hair from my heart


The temple

I wish I will not part.



Forgive me Athena

Dear virgin goddess of wisdom and battle

I seek forgiveness

Poseidon came to straddle

My body rattles

Hisses, dismisses

His entrance into my temple

I am no longer a vessel

For your love

You are above

of what I am now

Not worthy

Of your beauty

I am weak

I did not fight

He was too strong

I had no right

To refuse

Although I did not choose

For him to overpower

My body

My mind

He sticks to me

He was not kind

I Ask Deeply

For your Forgiveness

He was my horror

I could not run

yet you are a warrior

You can not shun

That I became stunned

I am a woman

A woman

Only human

I grieve my innocence


I am no pythoness

To be continued….