Designing Your Garden, Landscape, And Applying A Design That Has “Feelings”

By Jannie Vaught

Yes, how about a happy, healing, or relaxing garden design?

Take some time to look at all 3 levels.

Ground level, mid-level and upper story. Are you trudging to the back to plant, water and compost or can you enjoy possibly a curved walk under fruiting or flowering tree a row of native grasses, flowers, and grains along the walk to the garden area.

And what do you feel as you step into the garden area, a sense of pride and wonder or dread? Take time and look at your area from above. There are some free sites that gave satellite pictures and you can print them and use them as a base for your design. I learned that there should be a “Kitchen Garden” within walking distance of the back door, and a herb kitchen area close by also. That ease of a few steps and some fresh herbs and a lovely tomato should be in your plan. There is an entrance as you begin your journey. Possibly a gate, and can this entrance have trailing vines or Morning Glory?

As you walk in is the path a use able walking wheelbarrow wide space? Are there some trees that are trimmed to branch and cover you from the heat of the summer sun? Where are your water faucets and are you dragging hoses or have you installed some soaker tape and an easy turn type timer on the faucet.

A seating area and a bench to sit back and have quiet time is a wonderful place to walk to. A work potting bench close to water is invaluable as are small covered areas that can double as rainwater collection. Our garden are much more than a pace to grow they are a place of reflection, a time to pray, and meditate. A quiet place of knowing that the Earth is a companion assisting you and offering you a gardener to learn every season, every seed every plant and weird weather system we store in our learning file something that assists us to enjoy a garden of healing, a garden that feeds us body and emotion. And it can all start with a satellite picture.

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