The Brain Mind

By Stephan Pisko

The mind clings to duty and attachment a purpose of existing without this the body is shapeless mass. The brain is chemicals’ with electromagnetic neurons working together to form mental thoughts – emotions – feelings from the visual perception before our eyes some of these chemicals’ we do not have a name for but they are continually changing every trillionth of a millisecond with every emotion – feeling – thought.

The brain is the most dynamic in ‘modus operandi’ without scientific explanation it is physically similar in every human being but contains immense variables and futuristic technology will be able to analyze the brain to bring us closer to realizing it’s fullest potentialities but on the other cerebral hand linking the brain to a computer to download memory, etc. will prove to be ‘tech mentally chaotic’ to produce ‘fractured future’. As for robots’ replacing human beings’ I am most certain corporations’ will venerate this sacredly but where will human employees go as more chaos is created’ featuring: telekinesis – mind reading abilities and more ? This will obviously create new exciting more completely intricate methods//forms of corruption – greed – ego – so definitely a ‘thinking philosophy’ is in back order for this ‘new mind’.

Question is though will the powers that be let the ordinary ‘peasant public’ access to all of this marvelous brain-to-computer technology or will they keep it hidden and suppressed like alien life forms’ pickled in huge jars resting in Area 51?

As for this ‘new brain technologies’ to cure disease like cancer, etc. … um …. this

infringes on the powers that be’s greed but they might let some of it through the cracks to give us all some ‘HOPE’ that master enslaving buzz-word used so When want commonly today just look around you.

The brain is a ‘social network’ of evolution system block and creates communication barriers’ so we should strive to ‘learn together’ as we are all faced with the same problems for thousands of years but mind says these problems are ‘individually based’. The mass spread of private personal information is a ‘psychological insecurity’ that has identity strings attached a very fragile ‘psyche nerve ending’ this visually shows in actuality that human beings’ are openly willing to breed together socially with all of the inherent psychological and sociological mishaps with ease and bottom-line this all gives mind a ‘purpose or reason for existing’. We have our so called ‘leaders’ of these social networks who are just as insecure if not more so than the masses who cluster together but these ‘leaders’ are better able to create an illusion of ‘success & confidence’ real confidence tricksters. Whatever you call it with a name “social physics”, etc. there is a large contrived element of greed and ego that shadows it in the banners’ of helping companies’ – people, etc. become more productive using this ‘creative’ within a “system structure” created by human minds’. We are placing ‘sociometry on human instincts’ in the name of futurism.

The human mind is frail – very influencing and reproductive there are ‘baseline fixed quantities’ to every society that has lived on this planet but now through the technological aspect mainly the internet the mass powers of ‘influencing reproductive thought’ to billions of minds’ is of the greatest in human history there are no rules governing ‘thought input’ but there are rules that shape ‘thought output’.