The Brain Mind

By Stephan Pisko The mind clings to duty and attachment a purpose of existing without this the body is shapeless mass. The brain is chemicals’ with electromagnetic neurons working together to form mental thoughts – emotions – feelings from the visual perception before our eyes some of these chemicals’ we do not have a name for but they are continually changing every trillionth of a … Continue reading The Brain Mind

Hormones and Human Mind – Spiritual Practice

  By Stephan Pisko, By releasing you’re hormones you indeed free you’re mind clear thinking cannot take place when there exists an over abundance of bodily hormones either male (or) female. I agree to the fact that hormonal levels are one of the main reasons for harsh aggressiveness the mind will overreact to a situation because it lies in a ‘state of restless tension’ this … Continue reading Hormones and Human Mind – Spiritual Practice