Hormones and Human Mind – Spiritual Practice


By Stephan Pisko,

By releasing you’re hormones you indeed free you’re mind clear thinking cannot take place when there exists an over abundance of bodily hormones either male (or) female. I agree to the fact that hormonal levels are one of the main reasons for harsh aggressiveness the mind will overreact to a situation because it lies in a ‘state of restless tension’ this hormonal buildup that pools weighing heavy on the mind constricting a wide spread openness of clarity. The releasing of hormones can also be totally ‘self containing’ it does not need to be inflicted upon another sentient being this to me is a form of ‘inward spiritual practice’ because you are dealing with sensorial feelings but these sensations engulf a peaceful valley of ecstasy that crescendos and climaxes with intense waves drifting the psyche to a profound awareness of silent infinity.

Spiritual practice is very personal so I believe that anything we can do physically that transforms itself into the non-physical we open a door of intimate information that will guide us to an unexplainable unity of universal force that permeates the all knowing some call it the ‘tao’ within the Eastern principles. Spiritual practice is not a ‘cold place’ certain sensorial attachments can be beneficial in rekindling ‘spiritual fire’ before a ‘sheet of freeze’ envelops the mind which is noticeable when a personal honest intense communication dialogue emerges. When I speak of ‘releasing hormones’ I do not illustrate this within a ‘relationship context concept’ with another sentient being I am pronouncing a ‘personal energy exposition a self contained copulation’. By attaching oneself to certain sensorial sensations can be a springboard launching our energies beyond samsara this illusion blockage to a greater personal liberating effect. We can convert a ‘craving of negativity’ into a ‘craving of positivity’ to enhance spiritual practice with proper intent along with a useful meaningful personal purpose.

If we take a brief look at the past we view a sea of aggressiveness usually within the male human species’ with overactive hormonal levels that protrudes mental thinking causing a tendency for ‘running amuck’ to say the least warriors’ with more warriors’ of every culture conquer and dominate as a male can do so awesomely perfect. So we do have a direct co-relation with mind confrontation as with regards to this ‘hormonal level & the human mind’ the ‘marriage of might’ shall we say that has got (85%) probably more of any single culture into more flagrant difficulties than most anything else we physically have come to know in this existence since the dawn of time measurement.

So in conclusion, for now, a regular program of hormonal releasement is imperative for mental clarity and calmness of thought that will positively enhance a personal spirited growth that probes deep within the dhamma a ‘self contained monastic’ that ventures into samsara (the real illusion) with all of the cravings and desires for this is the ‘total temple of temptations’ not a fabricated facade that monastic life offers within ‘closed controlled doors’. You must develop you’re very own personal trail of disciplined thought that will lead you into a ‘new seeing and thinking’ philosophy that ‘bridges Buddhism beyond’ for the current time and environment just as Buddhism has transfigured itself like a ‘rock skipping over the river’ you also alter yourself by reinventing this marvelous thought philosophy custom designing seeing through the psychological blindness to a ‘silent infinity’.


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