Does A Normal Exist

By Stephan Pisko

What identity thought was normal wasn’t so how can identity go back to something that never existed in the first place?

Conforming with an accepted standard within an average intelligence in the usual state?

Sounds very organized and setup doesn’t it?

Well that is identity’s normality but when this “segregated state” is locked in a dynamic durational flow conscious mentality cannot perceive this stealth semblance. So also circumstantial conditions’ hover above a normalcy incidence the range of occuring effect variability figures prominently.

Can a normality exist individually independent of mass configuration?

A condition that can be considered “usual” is a direct reflection of “many” that partake within this commonly usual customs’ like “hugging (or) shaking hands”. When these gestures’ are blocked from the masses’ identity views this condition as “not normal” when there is a return back to this spacial state normality is alive again acknowledged as a fact of populace.

In this sense “normal” doesn’t actually exist concretely but only within a mentality that is conscious to this recognized customary setup practice.