Living With Your Own Mind Only – Body Language

By Stephan Pisko

You’re mind which is the ‘unseeing space’ section of the brain when thoughts arise they

are possibly stored within this compartment for a short while seconds (or) countless years

depending upon certain mental relationships that are conjured up by the chemicals – neurons

electrical impulses of the brain mechanism itself. You cannot ‘find mind’ but it is there

never the less without it we would not be able to secure an identity however delusional or

perceptively real that may be we must ‘be something’ to function as a human entity it is one

of our ‘physical purposes’ while in this existing activity.

You must try to be a ‘total identity’ rather than ‘part or limited’ or worse still just a ‘physical

identity’ totally attached to ‘numerous outward artificial manufactured minds’ with overriding

commercial conditions that weight and in essence take over any or all of our identity bringing

our being down to just a ‘shell of robots on a beach’ you can hear the music but it is an

‘ocean of deceptive hallucination’ obstructing the discipline of our ‘own mind only’.

Today of all the ‘superficially outward influences’ we have present within this current society

the most common are ascendancy directly affecting our ‘mental cerebral processes’ most

entail very minute amounts of physical effort while (25-30) years ago it was the complete

opposite so the day-to-day, month-to-month, year-to-year blitz attacks are aimed directly

at ‘our minds’ slaying the mental we ‘control the washed up shell’. Being aware that this

is positively happening is our ‘firewall of protection’ trying to limit ‘outward invaders’ the

ones’ that enter identity allow mentally and control at you’re will not the reverse this is a

positive affirmation of discipline in action.

Body language speaks for the mind it is the ‘physical alphabet’ of the ‘mind dictionary’ the

way a human being fluidly moves with gestures spells out messages from within our

personality, psyche and experiences. A ‘perceptive psychiatrist’ will notice intently on

how a patient walks into the room, sits down and gets up then walks the individual to the

door when the session has concluded. We are a ‘mental reflection’ of how ‘our mind

sees ourselves’ this is the visual/s that are the current show of thought – the current

identity of self. This show can be a ‘pure complicated mix’ of false emotions and feelings

depending upon the number of outward invaders that have sneaked past our ‘sleeping

overworked firewall’. We recognize a ‘total identity’ with limited artificial connective

attachments – an individual secure in their own knowing just observing possibly storing

in their ‘unseeing space’ to be mentally analyzed or deleted.

An example of ‘part or limited’ identity today would be a car being unlocked when the owner

is over (500 ft) away from it (or) a vehicle’s horn resounding engaging the car’s security

detection device the owner’s identity is this mode of tech transport their belief value is

‘control protection’ in part or a limited part of their identity within this processed particle

of passion. A car really has ‘visual signs of personal identity’ from bumper stickers’

displaying attitude statements’ – articles placed inside the vehicle ranging from a pair

of dice dangling from the rear view mirror psychologically indicating: “I gamble but still

look to the past for security” – even ‘religious iconic’ remnants that supposedly have some

invisible powers for protection when one ‘runs a red light’ or gets into an accident giving

them the authority to deem it was indeed someone else who is responsible for my mistake

because I have on ‘iconic protection plan’ on board so I am cleared of my negative action/s.

These are all outward mental invaders’ living within our own version of mind.